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flag of Uruguay
The flag adopted on Dec. 16, 1828, combined a symbol of Argentina with the flag pattern of the United States. It was last altered on July 11, 1830. On the canton is the golden "Sun of May," which was seen on May 25, 1810, as a favorable omen for anti-Spanish forces in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The stripes are for the nine original Uruguayan departments.

Location of Uruguay Ethnic Composition

Official name: República Oriental del Uruguay (Oriental Republic of Uruguay).

Form of government: republic with two legislative houses (Senate [31]; Chamber of Representatives [99]).

Head of state and government: President.

Population (1998): 3,216,000.

Population projection: (2000) 3,278,000; (2010) 3,524,000.

Natural increase rate per 1,000 population (1995): 7.8 (world avg. 15.7).

Gross national product (1996): U.S.$18,464,000,000 (U.S.$5,760 per capita).

Land use (1994): forested 5.3%; meadows and pastures 77.3%; agricultural and under permanent cultivation 7.5%; other 9.9%.

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